Review: Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare

August 4, 2012
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: April, 2008
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Adult
Pages: 375
Series: I-Team
Extreme Exposure
Hard Evidence
Unlawful Contact
Naked Edge
Breaking Point
Striking Distance (coming in 2013) 

When a young woman disappears, journalist Sophie Alton investigates and is led to the woman's brother, a convicted killer who is running from the law. Together, they follow a dangerous path toward the truth-and unforgettable passion.

     Pamela Clare has done it again. I don't know how Ms. Clare combines such dark violence with a beautiful heart-wrenching romance, and makes it into an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G addicting read. Unlawful Contact is the third book in the I-Team series, and surpasses the last book, Hard Evidence, on every single ground. Simply putting, this is my favorite read out of the three in this series.

     In this book we meet,
  • Marc Hunter: Convicted murderer, spending his time in prison.
  • Sophie Alton: Reporter for Denver Independent, following a woman inmates story
  • Megan Rawlings: Marc's sister, an inmate whose story Sophie follows
     Don't let all the prison stuff deviate you from the book. I know a convicted murderer is not what everyone wants in their favorite hero category but don't judge unless you have read Marc's story. It is the most touching story I've ever heard. One of then things that made the romance believable was the past the main protagonists' shared. I really want to give out all the spoilers but that will just entirely ruin this wonderful read. This book is extremely addicting. Once I started reading it, I just couldn't stop; I wanted to finish it yet didn't want it to end.

     I-Team series always have an awareness towards a certain untold crimes. In this book, we get to know about the severe treatment towards the pregnant inmates. It was heart-wrenching to go through their emotions, and experience the unfairness towards them. Ms. Clare's writing is just absolutely brilliant, and makes you feel the characters exact feeling.

     Now, the book is not all about serious topic, it does have some funny, and sensual moments. Julian also had a part in this book, and I just loved seeing him again. Mark & Sophie had a strong bond throughout the story, and they are the type of people you will cheer for a happy ending. After all Marc went through, he so deserved his HEA, and I'm glad he got it. Can I just say that this story has the sweetest prologue and epilogue I have ever read.    

     The characters were refreshing, the story was fast-paced, the romance was awe-worthy, and overall, this book has all the factors to make it into a 5 stars read. If you haven't started this series, then what are you waiting for. Buy it now, and start digging :)


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