Review: Futures and Frosting by Tara Sivec

November 21, 2012
Title: Futures and Frosting
Author: Tara Sivec
Published: Self ; June, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humor, Adult
Series: Chocolate Lovers
    Seduction and Snacks
    Futures and Frosting
    Troubles and Treats

    Synopsis (from Goodreads):
    Carter, Claire and Gavin have formed the perfect little family. Their friends are getting married and everyone is growing up, maturing and ready to face the future. Or are they?

    From bachelorette party hell, porn addictions, dinner roll baseball and botched wedding proposals to finding out everyone's extended family is chock full of crazy, Carter and Claire begin to question the strength of the ties that bind them. Unfortunately, these ties have nothing to do with fuzzy handcuffs and everything to do with the mounting differences between them.

    Will their friends make a mess of things with their inappropriate comments and need to know everything, or will they convince the couple that happily-ever-after sometimes really can start with beer pong?

    "You are a gigantic, stinkotic, vaginastic, clitoral, lipstick whore dizzle."

         Oh God! How do you even come up with this? What does it even mean? Whatever it does, it's freaking genius, and very very catchy. I had to watch my mouth more that Gavin does after reading this book. But I can't help myself, I LOVED it. I don't even remember why I didn't like Seductions and Snacks that much, but I take it all back. These types of books are to be read at a certain time, and I'm so glad I read Futures and Frosting right now because it was EPIC. I was so in the mood for something out-of-the-world humorous that could take my mind off of the too emotional books I've been reading, and Futures and Frosting was perfect. Everyone should read this book. I'm serious.

         Seduction and Snacks ended with Claire & Carter getting back together after 5 years, and living happily together as a family. The whole focus of this book, besides the number of silly things a person can do while drunk ( Shout Out to Claire!), was how Carter was going to pop the question. He went through so many failed trials before he finally said the words, and the best of the best trial was when Liz interrupts (read it, you'll get me). There were so many great scenes, I can't even pick one that was my favorite. I loved Liz's bachelor/bachelorette party, the TeeTime, pot cookies scene, Gavin's birthday party, and every single Drew scene which is basically 80% of the book. Drew's one-liners get better everytime, and I cannot wait to read his book and get inside his over-imaginative dirty mind. 

         Futures and Frosting is a fun, witty, entertaining, and one-of-a-kind hilarious book, and I can't seem to get over it. The best thing about this book was that Gavin had much more control over his language, and was scolded when needed to. That was one of the things I didn't like in the previous book, so if you had the same thoughts, then don't worry, he gets better in Futures and Frosting. If you haven't read this series, then go pick it up, and start reading ASAP. If you have, then read it again because it doesn't get old.



    1. Wow I had no idea they had a series for this. I read Seduction and Snacks and thought it was a pretty sweet story but it just wasn't all that for me, maybe I should check this one out and it will be better for me!

      Thanks so much for the review!

      1. It is soo much better than the first one. You should definitely read it, and if you are a DREW fan like I am, then his book his coming out by the end of the month.

    2. I keep seeing such wonderful things about this series, really must get to it!!! Great review, Doll!


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