Review: Lying in Bed by Jo Leigh

December 21, 2012
Title: Lying in Bed
Author: Jo Leigh
Published: Harlequin Blaze | Dec 18, 2012
Genre: Romance, Adult
Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Get Intimate: The Workshop Explore sensuality and true intimacy at the luxurious Color Canyon Resort.

Private assignments include sexy "homeplay" and more…

The setup was simple. To ferret out a blackmailer, FBI agent Ryan Vail and his partner are going undercover as a couple at an intimacy retreat. But when Ryan wakes to find a replacement "wife" in his bed, he knows he's in big trouble….

FBI agent Angie Wolf is on the job. Sure, there's a wicked attraction between her and Ryan, but they're professionals. Touching, kissing—it's all part of the sting. But the intimacy retreat is doing its job, because each tension-filled night in bed is blurring the line between truth and lie. Now this investigation has turned into one irresistible temptation!


      Lying in Bed was a surprise for me, I went into thinking it would be like Pamela Clare's I-Team series, with a little FBI action, and a lot of steamy scenes, and that is exactly what I got, and a lot more. I didn't expect to connect or emotional bond with the characters because it is a very small book, but after finishing it, I can safely say that I fell in love with Ryan & Angie. Their chemistry was so spot-on and real that I just can't help loving them, and cheering for their happily ever after.

      Ryan & Angie are both FBI Special Agents whose new project is to work undercover at a couples retreat spa for a week to fetch out the blackmailer who is looting money from their guests. First of all, I love the idea of them pretending to be a married couple, kissing & touching outside and then fighting off their chemistry under the sheets. It was so exciting, and when they finally let it all go, *sigh* It. Was. Perfect. Ryan is portrayed as a womanizer, but that's not what I saw. I saw a person who is good at his job, and doesn't do long term relations because of the type of work he does. That's pretty much acceptable, and then he meets Angie with whom he connected at a level he never thought existed. Angie is one of the good girl, and I really liked her instantly. She gets Ryan, and not to forget that they already were secretly crushing towards each other, the undercover project just helped matters more.

      I'm so happy to have read Lying in Bed, it has the perfect balance of romance, and action. I wish it would have been longer because I was so into the story when it ended, and I really wanted an epilogue at the end. Lying in Bed is the perfect evening read, and I know I'll be picking it up again.

* A Copy was provided by the Publisher and Netgalley for  an honest review. (Thank You!)*


  1. Lovely review Aman!I am always up for a swoon worthy romance too!will have to look into this one :)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  2. I'm stopping by from the Feature & Follow :) Old follower. This book looks like one I'll definitely have to check out. Happy reading!

    Megan @ Megz Madd Readz

  3. awesome review. this sounds interesting :)

    new follower

  4. This sounds wonderful, Aman! I the type of romance described. They're crushing on each other but won't admit it until the circumstances force it to come out in the open. Great review. This has to go into my TBR. :)


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