Review: The Marriage Trap by Jennifer Probst

December 26, 2012
Title: The Marriage Trap
Author: Jennifer Probst
Published: Gallery Books | Oct 12, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult
Series: Marriage to a Billionaire
      The Marriage Bargain
      The Marriage Trap
      The Marriage Mistake 

      Synopsis (from Goodreads):

      Italian billionaire seeks faux fiancée. Willing to agree to anything in return...

      In order for his sister to marry, Italian billionaire Michael Conte has to find himself a bride – and fast! When he learns that photographer Maggie Ryan is going to be in Milan, Michael hatches a plan to introduce her to his family as his “fiancée.” Never mind that Maggie is confident, independent, and a control freak. Never mind that she’s everything he doesn’t want in a wife… and everything he wants in his bed!

      Convinced that Michael is in love with her married gal pal, Maggie agrees to keep up the ruse if he’ll keep away from her friend. Besides, she’s not attracted to charming, ridiculously hot billionaires who drive her nuts. Once they’re in Italy, however, everything changes – and the sexual tension between Maggie and Michael goes from simmer to naked nuclear meltdown!

      But have they found the perfect arrangement… or are they trapped in a make-believe marriage?


            Overly Dramatic Soap Opera. That is the best way to describe The Marriage Trap by Jennifer Probst. Not the bad kind, the kind that is entertaining & fun in the beginning, and then after a while you wonder if there is something else to the story. I loved the first one in the series, The Marriage Bargain because I deeply connected with the characters, and could feel their emotions, but in The Marriage Trap I didn't like Maggie, therefore I never connected with her. The one thing that made the story likable was Michael, and his Italian traditions. I loved his parts, and his family reminded me of my family. I know some traditions sounded old school, but I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. 

            Michael has a very well established bakery empire in Italy, and now he is opening a branch in America. He met Maggie through his partner, Nick, and had one disastrous date with her. We didn't know what took place that night, just that they didn't connected & someone rejected someone. Maggie still thinks that Michael is interested in Alexa, and when Michael proposes her to accompany him to Italy as a pretentious wife for his family, she jumps in on the plan with one condition, him staying away from Alexa.

            Maggie is Nick's sister, and a very well known photographer, but she is a loner. She had a lonely childhood with no parental love or anyone to guide her, and due to that she has a very guarded personality. I get why she was that way, but the thing that annoyed be about her was her doubts, and random mood swings. In the beginning everything was justifiable, but after a while I grew tired of her character, I wanted her to grow up & change, but that didn't happen sooner.

            The one person who saved the book for me was Michael Conte. He is a natural charmer with pirate looks, but the best part about him was that he was a family oriented person. He loved his family, and was extremely loyal towards them, and not to forget he genuinely respected his Italian cultures. I couldn't have loved him anymore, he was perfect. I don't think Maggie was the perfect choice for Michael, he was honest towards her & never lied, but she played with him & constantly made ridiculous accusations. At one point I wished he would leave her, and move one.

            I'm confused about how to rate this book, I loved Michael, but couldn't stand Maggie, I loved the Italian experience, but this book lacked heat, therefore I'm neutral with The Marriage Trap. If you like coincidental or pretentious relationship then you should definitely check it out, it is highly recommended. Besides Maggie & Michael, we got to see glimpses of Carine & Max who will be the lead of the next book. I really like Carina so far, and I'm praying her book would be atleast steamier than this one.



      1. My thoughts and yours are exactly the same on The Marriage Trap! :) Hope you enjoy The Marriage Mistake just as much as I did!

        Janhvi @ The Readdicts

      2. Love this book series and cannot wait for the next one :-) The characters are sexy and the story line kept my interest the whole way through.

        Micky Johnson (One Way Link Service)


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